Above n Beyond

Have you ever wondered what was beyond your borders, be it the front door, the state line or the galaxies above? Years ago, we had a bunny rabbit in a hutch, who would enjoy the confines of his safe and comfortable home. There were a few times that Bun-Bun jumped out of the cage, in his excitement of fresh food and water. His borders had changed and Bun-Bun was now free to roam the backyard, however once he hit the lawn, he froze in fear. As our son picked up Bun-Bun and comforted him, he was happy to sit in my herb garden and have a snack before returning to the comfort of his four walls.

I have come across many individuals who remind me of Bun-Bun. Individuals who are comfortable in their own little world.  I understand many are more comfortable connecting on screen instead of in person. However, perhaps it’s time to put the phone down and take a walk around the neigborhood and expand borders. Above and beyond all else, as creation surrounds your senses, take some time to listen to the Creator of all. Please consider this a safe place to visit when you return from a walk.